Making his debut in 2019 with “Faces + Aces,” C Kahari is a Zimbabwean but London-based singer who provides introspective lyrics and melodic hooks flowing as a diary of insecurities over spacey production, as his current track “Rolling, Floating” clearly displays. “Rolling, Floating” is an intriguing creation of rich vocals and melodies that present the listener with relaxing elements. It was released on October 26th and exhibits C Kahari’s aptitude to compose catchy songs.

Beginning with a lo-fi backdrop that immediately creates a serene environment, “Rolling, Floating” creates irresistible vibes that captivate the heart and soul while C Kahari’s dynamic vocals give a beguiling and comforting vibe to them that enriches his instrumentation and composition excellently. The music has a flowing fluidity to it, which makes it so serene and takes you on a beautifully blissful experience. It’s a song that is so ethereal that you feel emotionally like you’re floating while listening. The emotional and impassioned rendition, along with a gently flowing melody, does the song full honor making it very convivial and nostalgic.

Talking about the song’s significance, C Kahari explains it as a Moody melodic R&B vibe with introspective raps. The lyrics are adorned with a wealth of gentle and sensitive details that capture our interest. However, in my perspective, it brilliantly reflects on C Kahari’s anxiety situation. The lyrics are honest and relatable, and they tug at our emotional strings. C Kahari’s expressive vocals and smooth delivery add to the influence of his endearing lyrics.

Overall, “Rolling, Floating” is without a doubt an exceptional feat of incredible performance and awesome musicality. C Kahari’s concept for the song is amazing and has a great deal of logic, definitely a magnificent work that inspires us to want to hear more of C kahari’s music.

Listen to “Rolling, Floating” by C Kahari on Spotify or SoundCloud, and let us know your thoughts.

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