It’s a lovely day, and Songweb has once again had the opportunity to review a song by Mick J. Clark, the incredible Croydon singer, and songwriter whose precise words and soul-freshening melodies incentivize you into the world of artistic adventures and environments. “Soldier Boy,” released on November 5th, is the latest from Mick J. Clark, and it’s a song that leaps into the neighboring domain of the 90s soft rock and indie folk with its message-heavy and optimistic content. Continue reading for my thoughts on this song.

Opening with a delicate beat on an acoustic guitar and a calm pad, it continues with a pleasant tune and progresses into a more serene and gratifying play before the vocals come in. Mick J. then uses his artfully and pleasant breathy voice to captivate his listeners and provide a great deal of dimension to the music and create an ambiance that is both stunning and attractive. The instrumentation is beautifully steady all through the tune, and the way he conveys his vocals, softly and quietly with his undeniable passion, certainly makes the song satisfying. That was one of the things that drew me to the music.

In terms of the lyrics’ relevance, “Soldier Boy” is a homage to the army and a song that expresses gratitude to servicemen who put their lives on the line. It’s also about the inner drive and reasons that those who join the army have. Because joining the army is about more than simply fighting. It needs someone with passion and devotion to join since you must sometimes go into battle to defend your homeland. “Soldier Boy” has the perfect lyrics with that refreshing vibe, which may be what makes it so meaningful and rewarding to listen to.

Overall, “Soldier Boy” is evocative of vintage British soft rock, and Mick has blown our minds with it. The mix has a lovely transparency with exquisite progressions that puts us in a sublime serene feeling. The song’s elegant soundscapes throughout, with the guitar perfectly backing Mick J Clark’s hypnotic vocals, capture feelings that can’t be articulated by my comments alone, but only after listening to and absorbing the intriguing songwriting. The lyrics guarantee that the music will interact with listeners, therefore I’m confident.

Listen to “Soldier Boy” by Mick J. Clark on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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