The London-based musical duo is a partnership between composers Samuel Deschamps and Jan Blumentrath, who met while sharing stages and lineups with previous bands in which they had mutual respect. They have created great music that is engaging throughout, thanks to their true emotion. “How Long Can We Hang” is the title of their new song. It’s a song that asks, “When is it time to let go?” of feelings, relationships, and memories.  It premiered on October 28th and has a wonderful sincere tale and scenarios.

Opening with such a tremendous richness in terms of the ensemble in addition to the phenomenal song, “How Long Can We Hang” connects with us profoundly and the great words complemented by the soft and delicate vocals truly touch us at the heart and compels us. The style is quite vibrant and expertly pulls us forward. The strong vocal tone of the vocalist highlights the lyrics and makes the song feel like a full narrative in and of itself. Because of its melodic complexity and competence, “How Long Can We Hang” puts you in hypnosis and allows you to just vibe along with it.

“How Long Can We Hang,” with its ambiance created by the incredibly appealing piano tones and the gorgeous vocal performance, in my opinion is a motivating song that asks how long we can stay doing what we’re doing. It’s a song that pushes us to accept our fate since what comes next can be unpleasant.

The song is accompanied by an unbelievable artistic lucid dream-style video generated by Artificial Intelligence Artist PX Studio, feeding an Ai with the lyrics that translate the words into morphing shapes and pictures of vivid unconscious hallucinations.

Overall, “How Long Can We Hang” has the potential to have a tremendous emotional impact on listeners and take us to a parallel reality where we are fearless and dominant. The ambiance has an engaging component that will certainly become incredibly personal for listeners who are fascinated by the contents. The vocals are also smooth and soothing, creating a feeling with each rhythm. The song’s production is outstanding, and the duo’s performance is top-notch, causing this one of their greatest singles to date.

Listen to “How Long Can We Hang” by Ex en Provence on Spotify or SoundCloud, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
What could be easier,
than picking the pieces up and putting it back together ?
Nobody’s that clever.
A million pieces there
but we don’t recall the picture on the jigsaw puzzle,
easier to struggle.

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