Mark Vickness is a jazz musician from Bishop, California who is a composer, an instrument specialist, and a perpetual creator. Mark Vickness Interconnected brings an ensemble group together for “Alluvial Fans” two years after the publication of his critically praised album “Interconnected.”  Mark Vickness formed Interconnected in 2019 with two-time Grammy-winning violinist Mads Tolling, Matt Renzi (oboe/English horn/saxophone), Joseph Hebert (cello), Dan Feiszli (bass), Grammy-winning percussionist MB Gordy, and tabla virtuoso Ty Burhoe. And “Alluvial Fans” is the first single off his next album, “In The Rain Shadow.”

The acoustic guitar of Vickness drags the listener into the strings as “Alluvial Fans” begins. It has a gentle orchestration build that is lush and gorgeous. The listeners will feel the song speaking to their souls and filling them with wonderful tranquility. Mark Vickness  Interconnected immerses you in the brilliance of the musicianship in “Alluvial Fans”.  Each component has an opportunity to shine within the ensemble while contributing to the song’s gorgeous rhythm. The acoustic guitar’s dreamy blend and chord progressions take you to otherworldly places.

“Alluvial Fans” is a calming and surreal guitar track that sounds cheerful. Mark Vickness creates this nearly heavenly music with a blend of oboe and acoustic components aimed to elevate and relax people. The tune is so relaxing that it feels like the ambiance has been softened so much that you’re sailing. The instruments shine out and are smothered out in the mix, interacting with the other percussive instruments. “Alluvial Fans” is primarily an acoustic work that is enhanced by oboe and the English horn.

This music provides the listener a sense of confidence and protection that is almost mystical in certain ways. Mark Vickness employs the gradual sliding in of the strings to generate dramatic suspense, even though the tools are basic.

Listen to “Alluvial Fans” by Mark Vickness  Interconnected on Spotify and watch the video with the link provided and let us know what you think. Cheers!