The Memphis hitmaker has been teasing this one heavily online, so listen to what Moneybagg has cooked up.

After questioning if someone “Said Sum” on his previous hit, Moneybagg Yo wants listeners to understand what he’s talking about on “See Wat I’m Sayin’.” It has been a successful few years for the Memphis rapper who continues to blaze through the charts with each new release. As his peers have found themselves in trouble or entangled in controversy, Moneybagg has been focused on building an unshakeable legacy for his loved ones—and his future looks even brighter than his present.

On Friday (May 27), Moneybagg returns with his heavily-teased single, “See What I’m Sayin’.” On Instagram, the rapper said he was “taking ova da summer,” with this one, but before he can officially take that title, he’ll have to battle it out with his fellow rappers who are also poised and ready with their summer anthems.

“See Wat I’m Sayin'” moves in Moneybagg’s familiar tempo and will be an enjoyable addition for his fans. Stream the track and let us know what you think.

Notable Lyrics

Load up the Drac’, leave a man critical
Glock with a switch in your hand, finish ’em
I know a b*tch got more money than her baby dad, n*gga just sad, pitiful