Sonomancer is an Australian-based musician who fuses many musical genres into one, such as metal, futuristic, and indie vibes. Future Sound of London, Orbital, CoLD SToRAGE, Chemical Brothers, Boards of Canada, Leftfield, and Prodigy are among his key influences. With only four tracks published since 2021, the artist has already established himself as a YouTube sensation, with thousands of views, and reappeared on April 19th this year with his new tune “Dreamscapes.”

“Dreamscape” is an instrumental tune with no vocals yet a captivating vibe. It begins with a contemplative, mellow feeling and a lo-fi look that transports you to a hallucination. This first creates the sense that you are having a stroll in a lush tropical setting.

“Dreamscapes” is music that might transport the listener to a realm of delusions that we all encounter at a certain time in our lives, but each of us encounters it fluctuates depending on our interpretation of the subliminal. A riff melody is played across the song to convince you that you are daydreaming regardless of where you are on your expedition.

Following the drums are these massive, very deep bass vibrations that create a pattern gently swinging from one note to another, teleporting you somewhere else. Furthermore, the song has a build-up in which each part is introduced one at a time. Later in the song, an electronic vocal sound appears with a syllable, then an electric guitar solo is inserted. Sonomancer has mastered the art of simplicity, and he should be proud of the high effectiveness of this tune.

Listen and watch the video of “Dreamscapes” by Sonomancer with the link above and let us know what you think. Cheers!