Chicago-based singer/songwriter and producer, Sarantos is an artist whose songs are extremely outstanding with stern words that struck the right emotions within. His songs are captivating and transport listeners to another world. And this comes as no surprise given his current single, “Comets” released on the 28th of October complemented by lovely animated lyrics and an official video. This song will amaze you aback, both artistically and lyrically. Continue reading to find out why I believe this.

Beginning so wonderfully in a style that will warm the hearts of the listeners, female vocals introduce the song before the gentle melody emerges to welcome Sarantos’ soothing and seductive vocals to impart some warm and inviting feelings owing to his unusual and original tone, as well as his profound and expressive vocal quality. The song has a fantastic rhythm and a vigorous swing thanks to the austerity of the instruments utilized, which instantly makes it a pleasant listen. That, I truly cherish about the song. Not that alone, but the structures and productions are perfectly matched to enhance the song and its harmonic story. The song’s ambiance is fantastic.

When it comes to the song’s profundity, it’s a song that will resonate with everyone who is reflecting on their young or encountering the genuine unambiguous sense of eternal love on their first encounter. “Comets” merely expresses the flaws but timeless sensory perception of youth and affection in the era. The song’s official video effectively enhances the lyric by illustrating the life of a young couple enjoying their best life with shared sentiments.

Overall, the song’s vibrancy is essential for keeping us all involved, and it is superbly preserved by the song’s entire design. Sarantos does an outstanding job with his voice, and I admire his efforts. “Comets” is a stunning piece of writing and one-of-a-kind in terms of production. Also, it is gorgeous, and compelling music with powerful lyrics I can’t stop myself from listening.

Listen to “Comets” by Sarantos on Spotify and watch the videos with the above links and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Love is forever
The young can ride the wave
Only love is forever
Cuz’ comets fade away

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