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Monthly Archives: September 2022

Michael Donoghuen Unveils The “Fractals” Album

Michael Donoghue, a Jersey-based artist, has quickly made a name for himself since his debut in 2017. Inspired by Jon Hopkins, WENDY CARLOS, Kelly Lee Owens, and Daniel Avery for the “Fractals” Album, Michael released the 8-piece electronic tracks on September 23rd, this year, and it has been a standout, …

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Interview With David Arn Regarding The “Watershed” Album

David Arn is an American singer, songwriter, and musician best recognized for his poetic approach. He has published four albums over the last ten years, including “Postmodern Days,” “Walking to Dreamland,” “Traveler Tales,” and his newest effort “Watershed,” which was released on September 20th this year. “Watershed” is a great …

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Mary KilS Unveils The “ONE” Ep

Mary KilS, a French singer known for her distinct sounds and who has been performing for quite some time, is back with another remarkable exhibition of her ability. Following the release of her single “Long Silence,” the French singer returns with her intriguing EP named “One.” The 5-track EP clocks …

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Interview With cruncci Regarding His “Whacc Intentions” Ep

cruncci is a Colombia-based composer, producer, and chief bottle washer who began his career in the Seattle, Washington grunge scene as the wild-eyed frontman of a heavy metal band. Influenced by blues-based bands from the 1960s, seventies stadium rock, EDM, and experimental music, cruncci released his ep on September 13th …

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Review Of Benedicta Syran’s “Let Me Be”

Benedicta Syran is a singer, songwriter, actor, and performer from London with Norwegian, Swiss, and British heritage who has been a music fan since she was a child. Syran is fascinated by melody, song, lyrics, and overall composition, which play an important role in her daily existence. She is known …

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Chris Caulfield Gets Emotional On “Walls Come Down” Ft Stella Gray

Chris Caulfield, a Toronto-based musician, introduced another ethereal masterpiece named “Walls Come Down” to his catalog on September 2nd of this year. The music combines immaculate trap beats with intense, 2000s emo-rock sensibilities, reminiscent of artists such as Machine Gun Kelly and Iann Dior. Stella Gray who happens to be …

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