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Delve into the Intimate Musings of Fiona Ross: A Captivating Journey through “Thoughts, Conversations, and To-Do Lists”

Fiona Ross, a multi-award-winning jazz singer-songwriter from London,  is recognized for crafting her modern jazz style and blends lively Latin jazz, vintage jazz club, and a little bit of soul, as well as heart-wrenching ballads. Her melodious singing abilities will make your heart skip a beat. Recently, she embarked on the daunting mission …

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Energy Whores Delivers A Sonic Protest While Unveiling America’s Vanishing Liberties With “Freedom Fadeaway”

Welcome back to Songweb, music aficionados! We’ve got an interesting review for you today as we dig into this deep song from the genre-bending New York-based duo, Energy Whores. Led by charming singer and composer Carrie Schoenfeld and outstanding professional guitarist Attilio Valenti, they never fail to create thought-provoking and boundary-pushing music with …

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