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Monthly Archives: June 2023

The Amanda Emblem Experiment Echoes the State of Today’s World Captivatingly and Timely With their EP, “Power of One”

Hailing from Australia, Amanda Emblem is a folk, alt-country rock singer, songwriter, and musician with a particular narrative flare in her songs. Debuting professionally as a musician a few years ago, Amanda’s ability to seamlessly blend genres and deliver thought-provoking thoughts through her music is exceptional, with tracks that are …

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Emotional Ballads and Healing Harmonies, Craig Gould’s “Songs From The Campfire” Ignite Hope for Mental Health

Craig Gould, the rising Americana/Folk singer-songwriter from Burton on Trent, United Kingdom, has hit platinum yet again with his album, “Songs From The Campfire,” drawing comparisons to music aristocracy such as Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan. Craig Gould brilliantly crafts complicated narratives of mental health on …

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Seßler/Zeeb Strike a Groovy Chord with Their Jazzy Single “Wenn”

Seßler/Zeeb is a German pop duo from Göppingen who released their song “Wenn” on March 17th, exhibiting their distinctive combination of influences from The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, and Dire Straits. Kurt Seßler, a talented songwriter and singer, and Werner Zeeb, a skillful multi-instrumentalist and producer, comprise the pair, which delivers …

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