Wednesday , October 4 2023


Interview With Desarae Dee Regarding Her Single, “Holiday Soul”

Hailing from Toronto Canada, Desarae Dee is an Instrumental Fusion Artist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Content Creator, and Educator whose mastery and control over instrumentation are outstanding to listen to. She’s been in the music industry for 8 years and has positioned herself as a genre-bending and precedent artist with music as …

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Interview With Reue Regarding His Single “Enamor”

Austin-based Ethan Reue, known in showbiz as Reue pronounced (roi-uh), has been pushing the frontiers of underground electronic music from an early age and has now grown to be one of the most innovative and influential brains on the scene in his city, and is regarded as a prodigy in …

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Interview With Hybrid Kid Regarding Their Single “Miracle”

Hybrid Kid is a Brighton-based garage rock band made up of Danny, Tim, and Fabio that produces music rich in melodies and intermingled with some intricate patterns that drip into listeners’ minds. On November 11th, the trio released their latest Americana-inspired tune “Miracle,” which has an infectious sound and will …

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Interview With OneNamedPeter Concerning His Album “Pan”

“Pan,” the new album by British singer/songwriter OneNamedPeter, has a total of 9 tracks with a run duration of 28 minutes and 30 seconds. The 9-track album, which was published on November 25th, demonstrates the artist’s energy and variety as a musician and is comprised of flavorful compositions that sound …

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Interview With MDL CHLD Regarding His Single “Numb”

Following the release of his track “All The Sudden” earlier this year, which is the second single from his new EP released in October, Toronto-based hip-hop musician MDL CHLD is back with another single named “Numb,” which he released on September 30th. “Numb” represents MDL CHLD’s love of music. It’s a song …

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