Tuesday , November 28 2023


We Review ‘WIN’, The Unfailing Single By Samtrackz

Dream Chasing is amazing but can be exhausting, Samtrackz Tells It All In ‘Win’ Emerging as a solo artist and coming out with a street anthem, Samtrackz hails from Atlanta in the United States but originally from Oakland, California. Triumphantly introducing himself to music, ‘Win’ by Samtrackz symbolizes an upliftment …

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Future “I Never Liked You” Review

The Atlanta native does little to explore beyond his comfort zone on “I Never Liked You,” nor does he combat the public narratives surrounding his persona. There hasn’t been summer since 2011 where Future wasn’t a definitive voice. Even in 2020, during financial and societal turmoil at the hands of …

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Review of S.o.M New Single “Run Away”

S.o.M Runs Away From Cowardice In New Single. S.o.M is playing a long game. Since his appearance in music 2 years back with the release of his first single, he has been in line with his music career and has shown dedication. This fueled his purpose of being an artist …

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Pusha T “It’s Almost Dry”

With Ye and Pharrell at the helm of production, Pusha T expands beyond his comfort zone without compromising his pen on “It’s Almost Dry.” If you’ve wondered how fatherhood would impact Pusha T’s coke raps, look no further than his new moniker – Cocaine’s Dr. Seuss. The Bronx-born rapper fielded …

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